A word about Organics . . . We at Captain’s Coffee wholeheartedly support organic farmers. These farmers have gone the extra mile to put the natural nutrients back into the soil. This guarantees fertility to the land and a safe place for birds and animals to live. it’s good for us and it’s good for the planet.


Big Wave Espresso
Ever spend your days daydreaming about the coulda shoulda woulda . . . about that wave- the perfect wave? Thatís what I developed for my Espresso Blend. The perfect mix of the best coffees for developing a nice crema and sweet espresso flavor.


Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
A bold taste sensation with a complex mix of flavor. This coffee has stout body and a lingering finish. A fabulous coffee.


Papua New Guinea
Aroma is the main attraction that will keep you coming back for more. Rich and full bodied this coffee is sure to please. Enjoy this coffee when you want a touch of the exotic.


Sulawese Toraja
This coffee showcases the rich and syrupy smooth flavor we all desire in a great cup. Best bet to show off in front of company.


A rich, earthy and full-bodied coffee, Enjoy the smooth texture as this coffee glides over your palate.


Costa Rican
A sweetly smooth, well balanced coffee. Enjoy the invigorating flavor and aroma this cup produces. Crisp and vibrant with nutty undertones.


Smooth, rich, sharp & spicey makes this coffee one of our choicest beans. Grown high on volcanic soil, this is one of the most sought after coffees because of the superb quality of the hard bean.


Nicaragua is fast becoming an area known for producing top quality coffees. Full of flavor, robust, and complex in character, you’ll find this coffee a best kept secret.


For a nice balance of acidity, body and flavor, this coffee meets the mark. You’ll notice rich aroma and a nuance of walnut.


Fisherman’s Blend
By far our number one seller! A smooth Central American coffee makes the base for this terrific well balanced blend. Subtle smokey overtones for the hearty soul who loves a dark roasted flavor.


Tsunami Blend
This is a lively, spicy blend of South American and Indonesian coffees. The dark French roast quality creates a distinctive fullbodied character with vibrant texture.


Burning Daylight
The aroma and distinctive syrupy undertones in this Indonesian blend of coffee shows a fascinating depth. A sure to please blend of superb quality.


Yemen Mocca Sananni
Full bodied and uniquely acidic. This fragrant cup produces a coffee with dark chocolate undertones of flavor

Decaffeinated Coffees
We work hard to find the best tasting decafs available. The origin of the coffees may differ depending upon the time of year ordered.

Mexican Esmeralda
A smooth well balanced varietal. Very enjoyable as an evening coffee.


SWP Organic Komodo Blend
A blend of Indonesian coffees create an outstanding cup without the caffeine.